Green Hydrogen Lab

Our research focusses on a wide range of areas from the development of novel materials for low-temperature fuel cells and water electrolyzers, hydrogen production from (non-)pure waters, organics and bio-wastes, to fuel cells and electrolyzers systems, demonstrators and prototypes.

We are also conducting research in the areas of fundamental and applied sonocatalysis and sonoelectrocatalysis; we use sonoelectrochemistry as a tool to elucidate electrochemical mechanisms and optimise ultrasonic reactors.


Research on use of Power Ultrasound in Chemistry and Electrochemistry.


Our list of peer reviewed journal publications and books.

Research Impact

Research impact of our group on the society and economy.

Industrial Partners

Strengthen industrial partnerships and initiate energy transition projects.


Media coverage and video communications of Pollet Research.

Public Engagement

Public Engagement and Awareness activities related to research.

Want to join our team?

Our lab is committed to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce. We welcome applications from all qualified persons.